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 Lunar Eclipse over Villa capra

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مُساهمةموضوع: Lunar Eclipse over Villa capra   الإثنين سبتمبر 13, 2010 12:59 pm

Lunar Eclipse over "Villa Capra

The total lunar eclipse of 21 January 2001 gave the photographer a good opportunity to take this picture of one of the most beautiful and popular buildings set in the outings of Vicenza, his city. Built in 1570 for the prelate Paolo Almerico, "La Rotonda" (officially "Villa Capra") is probably the most famous Villa of Andrea Palladio (1508/1580). It is situated atop a hill and has four identical facades that look out upon cultivated fields on three sides and a wooded slope on the fourth, from where this picture was taken. La Rotonda differentiates in the scenery of the venetian villas of the latter half of the '500: it's a suburban mansion, refined meeting point for the aristocratic of Vicenza, place of amusement and "literary idleness". Only Capra family, that acquired it in the 1591, ordered to Vincenzo Scamozzi the adjacent buildings assigned to the agricultural life. Picture taken at 06.50 am L.T.

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Lunar Eclipse over Villa capra

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